“I’m sorry. I just don’t think you want to hear all the girly stuff I talk about with Tina and my sister and the crazy stuff that goes on with Opal. That part of my life is always so crazy, and you’re the part that’s totally sane. You’re my island of sanity in a sea of crazy!” I looked up at him, pleading with my eyes for him to understand me. “Wow, that was kind of poetic,” he breathed.

“I like being your island, babe.” He leaned down and kissed me.


I just wanted to get inside and forget about all of them, but my mouth started spilling words before my brain had a chance to tell it to shut the hell up. “I’m sorry. I don’t know why I keep allowing myself to be bothered by him. Part of me still pines for him, hoping that he will see how miserable we are without each other and take me back. And the other part says fuck him; I don’t need him. I have this perfectly hot man in my life now that I know I could really fall in—I mean, we have a great friendship from all of this, and if this thing with Trevor had never happened, you wouldn’t be in my life, so I should really be thanking him or at the very least sending him a fruit ca—”

Justin’s mouth came crashing down on mine, making my ramble crumble and die on his lips. I hadn’t been kissed in a really, really long time, so it might have taken me a minute to realize what was happening. He pressed his lips harder against my mouth and consumed me with his kiss. His lips were smooth and softer than I thought they would be.

I have no idea what overcame me, but I didn’t push him away. Nope, my insane side welcomed this moment. I pulled him closer and kissed him back fervently as his hands came up to cup the sides of my face, locking me in place. I couldn’t move if I wanted to, and with the way he was kissing me, I didn’t want to move. Ever. This kiss was habit forming the thing of addictions and AA meetings. This kiss was everything.

Breathe Me

“Harley,” he moved his thumb and caressed my bottom lip. His eyes fell to my mouth and he licked his lips, and that was it. I got goose bumps all over, as I flattened my back against the wall I looked into his eyes, now a gun metal color and watched as he searched my face. He shouldn’t be allowed to look at a woman like this.

“What are you hiding?” Those words caused my slamming heart to stop. How could he know I was hiding, when not even Ember knew? I was trying to tell myself he didn’t, it was just a ploy for someone like him to get what he wanted. But deep down, I knew he knew.

“I…I…I don’t know what…”

He took a deep breath and closed the already small gap between our bodies. I put my hands up to stop him, and came into contact with his rock hard abdomen. Shit, those couldn’t be real. I wanted to move my hand further and feel what I knew would be a six pack, if not eight. That was the wrong thing to touch if I wanted to stop him.

“Just a taste…” His grip on my face tightened slightly as he pulled me toward his lips, the heat coming off him felt amazing, it instantly made my vaginal walls tighten and moisture to dampen my panties. I had been waiting 23 years for this kiss, to feel lips on mine. I moved my hands to his side and gripped the sides of his shirt blazingly pulling him closer, I wanted this, I didn’t care that he was a stranger, a customer and that I didn’t even know his name. I. Was. Ready.

He must have taken my actions as a go-ahead and he slowly leaned down bringing our mouths closer. I closed my eyes because that’s what they did in all my books and waited for his lips to touch mine.

“Harley, is that you?” A voice I knew and hated right now called out.

Seriously?! Great fucking timing Ember. I heard him make the sexiest noise I have ever heard as he braced his hand against the wall and leaned down, his lips brushing my ear.

“I smell you. Fuck, you smell amazing.” His voice came out leathery.

If I wasn’t leaning against a wall, I would have fainted epically right there.