Permission to kick my ass(virtually)

I was going to do a facebook post but then decided to just do a blog post since, you know I hardly every use this awesome website I have.

 And since there are a few things I wanted to say a post would be better.



You guys have embraced Breathe Me more than I could ever have hoped for!

Breathe Me is a whole new beast if you are used to my other more vanilla fade to black writing, which is why I’m warning you now. It will not be for everyone as it deals with abuse and depression and sex. LOTS of sex! not really lots but Deklan is very, active and I hope I don’t lose the few readers I did obtain with Anything and Everything, it truly isn’t my intention. Harley came to me, demanding I tell her story and then, well Deklan had to have his way too and thus Breathe Me was born. I love it, it’s special to my hear as all my book are but this one is the one that pushed me to write about something real and outside the norm  and am super proud of it and the feedback both good and bad that i’ve gotten from it and as most of you know I did sign with a small indie publishing company called Gone Writing Publishing  to bring Breathe Me to more people and possible on readers hands and I’m super excited about it. I hope it continues to climb.

Hurt Me news

Yes I have started writing it! It’s in the beginning stages but I have started. I work full time, and mom full time and my only writing time is at night, so if you see me online chatting it up, kick my ass, virtually and tell me get to writing.  I will try and share some non spoilery things with you but don’t get too excited it won’t be a lot. I swear I don’t do it on purpose! I want to get you the book as fast as you want to read it, trust me but if I push something out in the next two months(which is not going to happen) then it will be shit and you will know and roast me alive. No one wants a roasted Jeri, trust me.

Oh and I will be giving away these babies soon too(Business/ trading/carry in your wallet cards)

you fit

So be on the lookout for that contest too!

I’ve rambled on long enough, time to get back to Harley before she shuts up.

Do Epic Shit



IT’s been soooo long since I have written a blog post and I swear I will get better at it! It’s jut still shocking to think that people actually care about my rambling so much..

Changes! Where to start?

Breathe Me is Finally out and with some pretty rad reviews I might add so thanks so much to all those that have read it.  Yes, this story is UNLIKE anything that I have ever written before and I am well aware that it will not appeal to some people and that’s cool. Along with it dealing with heavy stuff like abuse and, well; abuse is pretty heavy that in of itself; there is also some pretty awesome potty mouth type language in there. It’s raw and graphic and real, you have been warned.

Along with that I was always on the fence about if I wanted to try traditional publishing or just stick with what I knew of self-publishing, I mean I was fine with at least one person reading my books and loving them so traditional publishing was never really in my sights. With Breathe Me I can’t even tell you what possessed me to venture from self pub to traditional but I took the chance and sent it to one, ONE indie publisher and low and behold, they liked my words on paper so much so that they wanted it!

Color me shocked!

 I am super excited that Breathe Me will be published with Gone Writing Publishing starting August 1, 2015!

What this means to you the reader?

Not a damn thing.

Price and cover will remain the same (that’s what’s so great about GWP)

In a perfect world this book would have gone to the top of the best sellers list over night, but I am a realist and I am happy with the occasional email or FaceBook message telling me how much my words and story touched them. THOSE are why I write as clique as it sounds it the hand to God truth.

So please if you loved any of my books stop by, I’m not shy and I’m totally accessible!

Pretty sure this post is long enough so, thank you, thank  thank you to all the readers, bloggers and friends I have made and will make , you all rock!

Do Epic Shit!


Website, Reviews and Epicness

As I prepare, and by prepare I mean edit until my eyes bleed, for the release of my second novel Anything, I am also super pumped to get a new and improved website as well! I would like to thank Ida at Amygdala Design For such an amazing and awesome page, I feel..

Well, not really but I fell pretty flipping awesome! I won’rt really post to this blog anymore so could all my current readers who have liked this page, PLEASE with loads of sprinkles and mustard go HERE and like this one?

I’ve Also been getting some pretty great reviews on Everything, my first Novel and just did the cover reveal for Anything that Debra from Book Enthusiast Promotions organized, It was

Seriously it was the best coverage I could hope to get being an indie author no one has ever heard of!

You won’t hear from me, as I continue to polish Anything before my release date of August, maybe sooner and I’m also working on my third book, not in the Everything Series which is dark and dirty. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

I continue to thank each and everyone of you who truly have read and loved my characters and I look forward to hearing your feedback on Anything. When I wrote Everything I was in a place where it was in a constant loop in my head driving me bastshit until I got it out, and I If one person read it and it touched them, then that was enough for me, so again, thanks for allowing my words to touch your soul.

Until then..

P.S. Follow my facebook for more upto date info, or just to say Hi, I’m always in the shadows.


Shiny new covers and Blog Tours.

My new cover for my debut novel came out today on the heels of the week long blog tour and I simply love it, like i want to marry the dang thing, (its a thing). If you have read the book then you know the cover encompasses everything(see what i did there?) about the book.  I would love to thank the talented Amygdala Design for such an awesome cover, I will  go to them for the next book in the series called Anything.  This makes me giddy with delight.

Now, on to the Anything(book 2) here’s the thing, i suck at writing Blurps, i want to tell you all what is in the book step by step but then… Good news is that I am more than halfway done with the the second one, I am nearing  home, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, skidding into…you get the drift. I have about 4 more chapters left to write then on to the editor and finding that perfect cover and BOOM book! What you should know about the second book, First there is less of Aunt Opal as she is leading her own life now and it’s more focused on Dacey and the people in in her life at the present moment(a certain police officer is not excluded). Second this book is a lot, and im talking A LOT shorter than the first. When i was writing it i had no idea how long it should be and i kind of just told the story , but I think it served the purpose I wanted because it got you all to love or hate the characters.

Thanks for those that have been patient with me, who have read and reviewed the book. As a new author trying to get out there and just tell a story people will love its like offering up your child for sacrifices to the masses, and lets face it the masses can be mean. I have not yet come across those that are(although i know they are out there) and when i do i will huddle in a corner and cry, but for now I will continue to work on the other part of this story and others. I’m such a slacker about updating my blog, but when i do it’s usually with great news!

So here’s to Shiny new covers and blog Tours!

P.S. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to review a copy of Everything, you can find me trolling Facebook most days.

As always thanks for reading!


Is this thing on?? (And no that is not my kid)

Wow, I will admit it has been a reallllllllly long time since I have done a blog post, or an update or anything for that matter and for this I’m so sorry to like the 5 people that actually follow my post.

No, really I have had so much happen since the last time I did a blog post which was about 10 months abo and to tell you the truth I forgot about his page until li got an email saying it was time to auto renew(oops). But alas here I am, typing away and filling you guys in on my life as a starving(yes really) indie author trying to make a name for myself. I have had to deal with loss(death) of a loved one this past 10 months and it has not been easy. When I am down and out in a sorts I turn to my first passion which is writing and when that does not work, I read. So, I have been reading A LOT of books but I have ben writing the second book of ‘Everything’ called ‘Anything’. But I have also been working on like two other new books that I’m really excited about. Both books are in the early stages but I’m getting in a lot of writing time on them. I’ve been killing it actually

I have started to really get back into the promotion of my book,(got up to 105 likes) held some contest on FB, did some giveaways(whilst having the Flu) and gotten a lot of great advice from other indie authors. There will be a blog tour soon to come as well and I have been adding character bios on my FB page so pop on over to see some of the characters from Everything. Facebook


Anticlimactic days and long waits

So the big day arrived and went. I became a an author of my Debut novel Everything, and I couldn’t have been happier. Or could I? I signed up with KDP(Kindle Direct Publishing) and set it up on a promo the very first weekend so that i could get it out there, because NO ONE will buy a book with no rating(stars) so I made it free, that’s right free and my book got downloaded almost 70 times, so I was feeling


and I was sure I was going to get some stars(reviews) because A) I’m a star whore and B) any is better than none. But alas I still haven’t gotten more than the the one review. (sigh)

Now most people are probably like me, they see a free book, it looks interesting they get it and it goes into their TBR  pile for a rainy day, and danggit if that’s the case I’m going to be waiting a loooooong time for any review  OR they have read it and rather than give it a bad review they give no review. (I’m hoping its not the later). I knew going into this that it would be a slow process and I mostly wrote the book for myself(mostly) and I have already started my second and third book so hopefully by this time next year I’ll have made a name for myself. Until then however its Tick-Tock….

But if you have read it and are reading this post, hey hop on over to Amazon or goodreads and give it a review(good or bad, but really only good).


The Big Day Ya’ll!

Welp, the day has finally arrived! No, not puberty, although that day seems to be here too as I have pimples galore all of a sudden, I’m like old WTH? No the day has finally arrived for the release of Everything and let me tell you I am having slight heart palpitations but slightly flailing!

After my initial heart attack was over (courtesy of a glass of wine) I thought about how to best pimp myself out (that sounds really dirty) and thought the best way is to let my friends do it for me! I get free publicity and free advertisement! The best kind!

So while they are so very excited for me and will continue to advertise, I will let them because why? Who does’t love things for FREE duh! Meanwhile check out my book if you want(and you soo want) here.


Feedback and Releases

Everything is set to come out TUESDAY!!! I’m super excited about that, I’m going to do what any other cool person would do and pour myself a tall glass of wine and hit ‘upload’.

In other news, it’s getting closer to the “unofficial” release date for Everything, and I have let 5 people in total read the book and ask them for some feedback. While the majority of them like the book, they almost all said the same thing when it came to the length  If they had a problem with it then maybe others will too. Is it the pacing of the book that was too slow? or was it just that it took to long for things to “happen’? I’m not sure which one, but I can say that the book initially was about 115k words long and I cut that to 112 words, so first I think I did an amazing job at cutting back what little I did, it’s hard cutting back. Second my book is not the only book that is 3oo+ pages, heck there are books that are 500+ pages that moved slow and those books have gone on to sell thousands of copies, so the 1.5 persons to tell me about the length (I’m not worried).

There are relationships that need to be built up so that they have the impact they do in the end, I felt that if I skimped over this then the emotion felt wouldn’t be believable or relatable in the end.When it came to cutting things back, I felt I couldn’t cut these parts out that were ‘slow, or too long’.  While I know that my book is not going to appeal to everyone, as long as I reach like 1 maybe 2 people I’m  good. Wait, no, of course I want to reach more than that, but if that’s all then hey.

And just because….

P.S. Still doing the giveaway for the $10 Amazon gift card and copy of Everything.


Everything was EVERYTHING

An early Review Of “Everything”!



When I got this book I was all types of what is this book about really? The title says everything so I was not sure if I was ready to read about EVERYTHING. I mean, I did not have an eternity to read everything.


 Actually I found this book very interesting. In Everything, a novel by Jeri Williams we find the main character Dacey Harper, a 22 year college student with her HOT AS HELL Boyfriend. Wait till you read his description I mean “HELLO”.

 Dacey has her family, a father who does not even show any emotions for her, her step mom who practically raised her as her own, Aria, her step sister an over the top over caffeinated 18 year  old that has come to love Dacey as her own sister and her crazy aunt Opal. I found aunt Opal to be more hilarious than Americas Funniest…

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